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Monday, August 17, 2009

3 ratus 6 puluh 5 hari Hidup Bersama mu..

How do I begin to tell you how lucky I am
to have you in my life?
I'll start by saying what an honor it is
for me to be your wife.

You're my best friend in the good times
and my rock in times of sorrow.
You're the reason for sweet yesterdays
and my promise for tomorrow.

I never thought I could feel this loved
until I became your wife.
You're My husband, my friend, my ultimate dream.
may our 1st anniversary will make our love so deep and true..
love u babe..
Happy anniversary!


Mimy Hamid said...

kalung tu ada jual di mana dong...ehehhe..

kella said...

kalung murah je nih.. sesape pun buleh dapat... mau ka?

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Kempen Menentang Kekejaman Israel!
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