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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Written by: MZW (Mr Zule)

Last weekend (13-14th December 2008) I had a family day in Teluk Senangin, Perak. All of my family members from the side of my mother’s were there for the weekend. My uncles had rent out 10 chalets there and we enjoyed swimming, playing games, fishing, and barbequing.

On Sunday after check-out, on our way back to my home town in Batu Gajah, Perak my lovely wife asked me to stop by at our ITM Manjung Campus for a while. To see what have it become since the ITM Brach of Perak have been moved to Sri Iskandar.

We entered the campus by supposedly to be once the main entrance.

I’ll bet that all of you shocked when you first set foot here don’t you? It is not kind of IPTA that we imagined and fantasies before right? I’ll bet most of you were thinking to go home on the first day, right?

You could see that the café is situated by the left and the HEP by the right of the picture.

I joined SS14 about a month late. By that time the rest of you already knew their place, class and tutor. For me everything is new and alone. Don’t know where to go and who to see.

This is my wife, beside the café and in front of our old Block D ( Hall, Gym & HEP)

The Siswi Block entrance, where most of you guy got to leave their outing card before go out of the campus. Most of you gone back to your home town often and not to mention “FLY” due to the fact that the Bus Station is just a walk a way from the campus.

This was the café where I had enjoys the great Nescafe Ice and chatting around with my classmates after the night class.

At the right of its side is a BSN ATM right? Usually this is where we get the money transferred by our parents. This is usually at first of course, after a while everybody busy going to Setiawan for their PTPTN.

This is what has left to Block K. Once most of it is our class and shared it with the Account faculty.

To enter this domain and past the guard post, the Siswa had to dress neatly and wear a neck tie especially on Monday. If not we will get scolded by the guard.

This is the picture of our Block N, whereas the first end is the studio for the Fashion Faculty and the rest is mostly is our class rooms.

I could recall lots of memories here, such as one time that while we were in class and could hear a Siswi upstairs “Tumbuk Sambal Belacan”.
There also once a lecture was sitting on her chair and fall of her back while teaching us.

Once in Mr. Subramaniam’s night class, there was a electricity black out. At that time the whole Peninsular of Malaysia in darkess and we had to finish early and gone back home.

Also there was a time while I was walking to my class and looked up to see a Siswi wearing just a Black Bra on her porch. She even smile and wave at me.

This is the Siswi Dining Hall.

I heard that most of the Sisiwi told me that the food here is very delicious not like the Siswa’s Dining Hall, Where they food is really terrible.

There’s even Siswi who were transferred to the Block K Siswa Block came here to eat.

This the Block L, you cold see by the right end of the picture is the. This is where we study internet, mandarin, computers and don’t forget super write and also typing with using all of our finger within the second.

Puan Norlina: “Every body! Type….. ggg fff ddd sss aaa rrr eee www qqq vvv ccc xxx zzz……………”

This is Our Computer lab and Mrs. Khiriah was my favorite tutor. I always go back home early in her class to do the assignment at home with my PC, because the computers aren’t enough for all of us at that time. By the afternoon I will came back and delivered the finished assignment to Mrs. Khiriah. The rest of the student always said that she was fiercely tutor yet for me, she is my favorite one

This is our Hall of Block D!

I remember the time that I have being request to be a female model here. Less that I knew that I had to be make-up model.

Being put lipstick, foundation, blusher in front of the whole faculty. Gosh! They event caught in a video.

At the left end of the Hall is the head guard house.

His son is our junior and a god friend of mine.

The other side of the alley is a tennis court. Along this alley is the route to the Siswa Block!

At the back of Block D is the Block C of course!

This is was the SS114 Faculty Office!

This is the place where a lot of SS14 Siswi got scolded by Mr. Mazlan when they came to see him, in request for permission go back to their home town every weekend.

This is the Siswa’s Block!

Downstairs is mainly the classroom for AD.

This were my resident back then, in Seri Manjung.
Walking along the corridor at my old dorm, the block K7 & I7 was my resident when I was in ITM Manjung.

As we walk around the old campus, all our memories came upon us! As the tide of time stood still and it’s almost 10 years now, it has been.
Now, some of the classes are now turn to SMEs shop. Such as Eletrical, Doby & Engineering shops.
But most of them are still un-occupied.

Lastly this is the back entrance of the campus, from the Siswa Block. Most of the Siswi often “FLY” or gone to the Pasar Malam using this route.
I could remember the first feeling I entered ITM Manjung for the first time, all I could think that I don’t want to be here and want to go home! I think this is the ugliest ITM in the region. Yet now, it is the sweetest and humble campus I could aver had. ITM DIHATI KU…..

komen ku;
Memang.. ada satu perasaan lain yg menjengah bila jejakkan kaki semula kat tempat ni..
tempat yg tidak serupanya... tapi meninggalkan nostalgia penuh makna!
aku sayang ITM Manjung/Uitm Manjung...
Bila tengok keadaan yg dah berubah sama sekali.. mcm tak percaya di sini lah tempat kami timba ilmu...
bila tenung lama2 tempat ni..
boleh terasa.. begitu riuhnya tempat ni dulu...
sana sini..ada siswa n siswi.. ada yg dok melepak kat luar bilik.. kalau yg nerd2 tu.. dok kelek buku je 24jam! ada yg tenet2..
dengan cafe yang sangat happening.. tak kira siang atau malam..
tu tak tengok si pak guard lagi.. hehehe.. muke garang semacam... hmm tapi aku selalu jer tlepas bila 'fly'.. hehehe.. pandai2 la...
aku rindu laa...

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