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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Langkawi here we come


Finally we've made to Langkawi for 4day 4nite..

waiting for 4 month after booking with AirAsia.. then, yeah! Langkawi.. here we come..!!
Not to tell that this is also ma first time travel by aeroplane! understood that im so so excited, my hubby let me sit near the window.. he just so cool when the aeroplane is about to move and fly! but me? huu.. gosh... im flying.. but, yeah.. within wings...
my husband? this is also his first time using AirAsia, but with MAS, so many times..what can i say..

luckily our trip is efternoon going to evening.. coz the scene wuz so beautiful thru window..

i cant stop to snap so much photo by my camera..

here.. take a look..

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